Swarming is part of the natural reproductive life cycle of honeybees. When a bee colony becomes too large it divides by swarming. Here in Victoria the swarming season is usually between September and December. However, occasionally colonies may swarm at other times. Warmer weather, combined with an abundance of nectar and pollen, stimulate the colony to increase in population. Swarms usually emerge from the colonies between 10am and 2pm on warm sunny days.

Bee Swarm Collection

A swarm of honeybees will cluster temporarily at one location, often hanging off the branch of a tree or bush, while a few scout bees locate a new home. When a suitable home is found the swarm moves as a group to that new site. This is usually after a few hours or up to a couple of days.

Bee Nest Removal

Bees that have made a permanent nest in and around the house are often not tolerated by the occupants of that building. To ensure that feral, abandoned or unwanted nesting colonies of honeybees are not unnecessarily destroyed, some members of The Beekeepers Club are willing to offer a Bee Removal service.

Removing bees nesting in buildings can be very difficult and sometimes costly.  Where there is no economical method of removing the bees, it may be necessary to destroy them. In such situations the services of a licensed Pest Control operator is required.

Swarm Collectors

To ensure that unwanted honeybees are not unnecessarily destroyed, members of The Beekeepers Club offer a swarm collection service, as well as the removal of bee nests where possible. To assist in finding a nearby swarm collector, see the list below.


Name Suburb Phone Notes
Jennifer McInnes  Abbotsford   0425 738 188   Swarms only 

Janneke Storteboom 

Ashwood 0418 526 524  Swarms only 
William Staplefeldt Blackburn  0466 317 118 Swarms only
Anthony McGrath Box Hill 0423 354 015Swarms only
Peter Rundle Box Hill 0457 006 575 Swarms only
John Treloar Camberwell 0409 164 234 Swarms only
Andrew Stanish Diamond Creek/Eltham 

0418 521 869

Swarms and Nests
Daniel Baldwin  Eltham, Research, North Warrandyte  0402 288 822  Swarms only 
Gavin Preston Forest Hill 0402 833 228 Swarms and Nests
Shayne Stanley Glen Waverley 0410 690 562 Swarms only
Herbert Kieleithner 
Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Wantirna, Scoresby Area  0405 533 623  Swarms and Nests 
Kent Henderson Hawthorn East 0417 599 548 Swarms only 
Shane O’Brien  Healesville, Yarra Valley  0419501194  Swarms only 
Mat Lumalasi Heidelberg 0414 406 136 Swarms and Nests
Susan Zuber Kinglake 0413 698 140 Swarms only
Geoff Neville
0412 613 135
Swarms and Nests
 Alex Winston McKinnon0411 799 256Swarms only
Peter Milic Mitcham 0418 340 093 Swarms only
Keith Piper Mitcham 9874 8634
Morwenna Griffiths   Mount Waverley, Burwood 0401 491 051 Swarms only
Ashley Barrow Narre Warren 0414 366 633 Swarms and Nests
Mustafa Hamini  Narre Warren East 0412 307 213 Swarms and Nests
Bryce Copeland  Nillumbik Shire  0484 185 601  Swarms and some Nests 
Kathryn Goldsmith  Nunawading  0409 502 010 Swarms only 
Stuart Stone Park Orchards 0408 764 045 Swarms only
Jacqui Dunbar Research, Eltham, Lower plenty, Yallambie, Bundoora & Preston0410 102 200 Swarms only
Rei Collaco  State Wide  0458 000 426  Swarms and Nests 
Maureen Koegel Warrandyte 0425 780 456  Swarms only 
Laszlo Kun Berwick, Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Upper, Harkaway 0423 256 231 Swarms and nests
Brad Hales  Watsonia, Warrandyte & Thomastown 0417 549 707  Swarms and Nests 
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