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Our new microscope

20 Aug 2016 4:04 PM | Deleted user

Today we used the new dissection microscope for the first time at the inaugural junior club meeting.  Here's a sample photo - I haven't quite mastered the camera focus and I was being "assisted" by some very young beekeepers, so not the best of images, but it was fantastic - wireless streaming the pictures to everyone's smartphones and tablets!  We anesthetised the bees by putting them in the freezer for 3 min - no bees died for the cause.


  • 21 Aug 2016 8:26 PM | Donald Muir
    I was there and completely blown away by the image quality, and with the wifi streaming I realised what a fantastic teaching instrument this will be for the club. Bring your smartphone or tablet and you can sit in the back seats and see an image as if you were looking through the "scope" directly, then you can even photograph it for future reference. A brilliant piece of equipment. This really opens up the possibilty of more advanced teaching. Fantastic just to see a bee in close detail, proboscis, pollen bags, wing details etc....great.
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