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  • 22 Jul 2016 12:40 PM | Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    The workshop and practical training sessions on raising queens is scheduled for 5-6 th November 2016 at the community rooms in Saxon St, Brunswick. 

  • 21 Jul 2016 12:17 PM | Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    New membership cards were issued at the AGM.  Each card has a barcode that will be scanned on attendance at each meeting and other club activities.  This data will be merged into the Club's membership management system to track things such as number of attendees, quorum at meetings, whether the accounting system has recorded payment of course fees, and who has borrowed books from our library.

    If you forget your membership card, you might just get a barcode on the back of your neck.

    (Note from Andrew - I didn't post this, it was one of the other administrators  masquerading as me! Due to a quirk of the system it's not possible to reset the author)

  • 01 Jul 2016 11:27 AM | Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    Dr. Ferne Edwards, is a cultural anthropologist researcher at RMIT University, Melbourne.  
    She is conducting research to examine the role of beekeepers and their contribution to urban food systems, health, and environmental sustainability.  This involves interviewing beekeepers, key experts and stakeholders to examine the history, politics and current state of the amateur and commercial honeybee sector in Australia. If you are prepared to assist, here is a link to further information.

  • 01 Dec 2015 11:05 AM | Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    See this page (members only)

  • 20 Nov 2015 10:19 AM | Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    The email addresses president@beekeepers.org.au,  secretary@beekeepers.org.au and editor@beekeepers.org.au are now functioning correctly.

  • 04 Nov 2015 9:29 PM | Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    November meeting topics are the Flow hive and Queen Raising. 

    The Capilano visit looks like it will be taking place on the 21st November. Apologies for the delay which is outside our control.

  • 17 Oct 2015 8:42 AM | Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    This featured a presentation on Electronic Beekeeping by Andrew Wootton.

    Download pdf copy 

  • AGM

    17 Sep 2015 9:51 AM | Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    At the AGM, the following committee members were elected:

    • President: Don Muir
    • Vice President: Mat Lumalasi
    • Treasurer: Paul Pynaker
    • Secretary: Andrew Wootton
    • Committee members: Paul Davies, Marie DiLima, Helmut Huber, Aris Petratos, Anne Reeves
  • 20 Aug 2015 9:52 AM | Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    This featured a presentation (and tasting!) by Steve Walker on Mead Making.

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