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Neighbour complaints

  • 10 Sep 2017 3:36 PM
    Message # 5072709
    We've had a complaint from neighbours as bees are using their pool despite us putting water gardens in. Any suggestions or will we just have to move it to another site?
  • 12 Sep 2017 9:10 PM
    Reply # 5075980 on 5072709

    Which way is the hive pointing?  Make sure that the flight path doesn't cross the pool.

    Last modified: 12 Sep 2017 9:11 PM | Keith Harvey
  • 13 Sep 2017 12:33 PM
    Reply # 5077922 on 5072709
    Don Muir

    Keith is right, ensure the flight path does not interfere with neighbours, however I suggest damage is already done. Once bees find a water resource they will generally just go to it. Water should be supplied prior to placement of any hives. I would suggest:

    1. place large shallow containers near hive ( 5-10mt away)  fill with sand and water. bees like capillary action drinking, so keep sand damp at all times. This may encourage them away from pool.

    2. Ensure you are operating within the code of practice, re number of colonies on the lot size.

    3. Ensure you have hives placed in accordance with code with regard to distance from fences , buildings etc.

    4. Supers in good condition no gaps to encourage robbing.

    The items  1-4 will give you protection if neighbour calls in council.

    You could also try erecting a high shade cloth barrier between hive and pool, at least 3m high.

    If all fails, remove bees to another site for a few weeks and then return to your place, ensuring you have ample water on your site.

    Good luck!

  • 13 Sep 2017 12:41 PM
    Reply # 5077961 on 5072709
    Donald Muir (Administrator)

    Sorry John,

    I should also have added if you are not registered do so asap as without registration you will have no access to apiary officers assistance.

  • 13 Sep 2017 6:52 PM
    Reply # 5080703 on 5072709

    Thanks Keith & Don the water gardens were put in prior to us getting the bees and are roughly 6 meters away from the hive facing the entrance, the bees actually do use them (I have photo's). There are 2 each roughly 70cm in diametre and 90cm tall they have plants in which enable the bees to access the water. The hive entrance is facing away from the pool they are accessing (although we are flanked on both sides with pools and at the rear with a pond) We are already registered and working within the apiary codes of practice. I will try the wet sand idea, that sound good. I have already spoke to council who seem pretty supportive but just don't want any hassel.

  • 28 Sep 2017 10:14 AM
    Reply # 5283304 on 5072709

    Are you sure these are YOUR bees that goes to your neighbours pool? Apparently in my area my bees goes in my all neighbours pool, pond, bird bath etc... pretty much every time they see a bee, its mine!.

    I did an experiment and close the entrance for a day and they still had bees in their pool. In fairness, not as many. I'm lucky thay my neighbours are cool with it and they were probably just trying to get more honey from me!

    My point is there could be feral colonies or fellow beekeepers around. You could move your bees and see what happens but it looks like you are doing all the right things.

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