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April "Beelines" & vacuum cleaner?

  • 15 Apr 2017 11:31 AM
    Message # 4752933

    I really like the look of  the April "Beelines". Also I would really like to know why there seems to be a vacuum-cleaner hose in the cover photo. Is it to clean the comb, or maybe to collect the bees?

  • 16 Apr 2017 5:33 PM
    Reply # 4754215 on 4752933

    Dean, thanks for your comments about Beelines appreciated.

    You are correct it is a vacuum cleaner hose. Bee vacs are used generally to collect feral hives or swarms from difficult areas, a bee vac is adapted from a normal vacuum cleaner but between motor and hose there is a super installed which has the effect of reducing the amount of suction energy thus savings bees and the more gentle suction pressure brings them into the super or collection box. I will try and get a plan of a bee vac and detailed operation and put in next months Beelines.

  • 16 Apr 2017 6:48 PM
    Reply # 4754247 on 4752933
    Andrew Wootton (Administrator)

    Hi Dean, yes Don's right about the setup of the bee vac, which makes doing a cutout much easier.  We did have a demo of one at the Inventors Workshop meeting a couple of months ago. 

    I hadn't considered using it to clean combs - my shortcoming, lack of imagination!

    Remember, it is important that you use a vacuum cleaner picked up off the side of the road from the hard rubbish collection.

    Here's a link to a cutout guide. If it seems a bit discouraging, it's because I kind of retired myself from doing them. I decided there were much easier ways of increasing my colony numbers.  But they are great experience and perhaps you can't call yourself a real beekeeper until you've given one a try sometime.  Just make sure its not the first thing you tackle.  Good luck, cheers, Andrew

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